SpellRead is an explicit, intensive and comprehensive reading intervention with evidence demonstrating powerful results, even with severely reading disabled students. The program integrates the essential elements of reading instruction: phonemic awaremess (sound processing), phonics (sound letter relationships) and language based reading and writing (the use of language when reading and writing). Many students who enroll in SpellRead have been diagnosed with other learning disabilities in addition to their reading problems. The vast majority of students take 5-9 months to complete the intervention and include those aged 5 through adult.

Program Description:
Each SpellRead Phonological Auditory Training class weaves together essential elements of reading instruction into a mastery program that ensures student success from the first lesson. The program's 140 sequential lessons are divided into three phases, clearly defined in the instructor manuals and are taught in an integrated and explicit manner. The program is based on specific skill mastery, particularly in the processing of speech sounds. As a consequence, the students develop a "sound processing reflex" - meaning they are trained to automatically and effeortlessly recognize and process the 44 sounds of the English language. Each class also includes language rich reading and writing to ensure that the students also learn to use this sound processing refex in combination with their language when reading and writing.

The effeftiveness of SpellRead has been proven through clinical trials and neurological studies conducted by leading North American researchers. The "sound reading technology" is delivered to adults and youth, individually and in small groups, with student grouping based on age and reading ability.

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