I wanted to let you know about a phone call I received from my sonís teacher last night. She said that he was recently retested for a learning disability and that they are taking him off the case load as he is doing so well...he tested great!!!!! She said that he is doing wonderfully in school this year and that she had just finished marking an exam and he was the only one who got 100%(language arts-tested on a novel).

I have waited for that phone call for a very long time.......and I wanted you to hear about it as you did so much to help him. I never did, or ever will, believe he had a learning disability........just his personality and I knew that one day he would pick up the pace. He is doing great, I am so very proud of him and also very grateful to you for all your efforts..........thanks again, I really appreciated it! You helped make the difference.

Mother of a former Valley Read student,

Kings County

Ö His reading and writing continue to improve every week and he is very proud of his accomplishments.

Nearing the end of Grade One, our son was having a variety of behavioral problems in the classroom. His school recommended tests for ADD and learning disabilities. In an attempt to be thorough, we participated in the testing and determined that our son had no learning disabilities or disorders. The testing did highlight that he was below grade level in reading, spelling and writing. Children are very aware of things going on around them. Our son knew he was not reading as well as his classmates and that he was falling behind. Finding the class work difficult led to him act out in the classroom setting due to frustration. We tried school based resource teaching with limited success and made some attempts to use home taught phonics programs. Due to previous positive experiences with other students, our evaluator recommended the SpellRead program for our son to improve his reading and writing skills. Our son began the SpellRead program with two 1 Ĺ hour sessions weekly. We were amazed at the rapid improvement in his reading abilities which was followed by improvements in his writing. But even more impressive was his behavioral transformation in the classroom. Being able to read along with the class and being able to actually write something during journal time changed his entire outlook toward school. He is now in Grade 3 and enjoys going to school. His reading and writing continue to improve every week and he is very proud of his accomplishments. His classroom teacher reports that he is a pleasant and co-operative student. We feel that the combination of an excellent step-by-step reading program and fantastic instructors such as Angela Campbell have lead to this tremendous improvement in our son's academic abilities. He is a much happier, more self-confident boy. We feel that we were very fortunate to have had the SpellRead program recommended to us and we heartily endorse it to any parent whose child is struggling. Try it and you'll be amazed by the results!
Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, October, 2006

When our son was in Grade 5, he was struggling with spelling, reading and writing on a daily basis. We discussed this problem with his teacher who indicated there really wasn't a problem and that "some kids just can't spell". Not being satisfied with that response, we looked for alternatives to help our son. SpellRead was recommended to us by our doctor. Our son's reading and writing have improved immensely and we can't believe this is the same boy! On top of that, his self-esteem went through the roof, he likes school better and he is generally much happier. Thanks SpellRead!
Chris and Mike, Halifax, January 2003

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